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Themeing OS X: Customising the Boot Logo

So you’ve had your shiny Mac for some time now and it’s still sitting with a cluttered Dock and overwhelmed Menu Bar, just looking a bit busier than it did when you first got it. If you’re daring, you might have changed the background and screensaver. But now you want to give your Mac that personalised touch, something that says that it’s yours. They say first impressions last, so what’s better than making an impression with your custom boot logo?

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Delving into Wakfu and the World of Twelve

This weekend I managed to get a hold of the entire first season of Wakfu, a French anime series created by Ankama Games, the mastermind company behind the MMORPG (and one of my favourite games) Dofus. I was a bit skeptical at first, thinking it might be geared a little too much towards kids instead of adults. I’ll admit, I was pleasantly surprised. While it is somewhat childish, it certainly has its appeals for a more mature audience, especially fans of Ankama’s series of games. Of course, there is no English version available, but there’s a decent subtitled selection out there. Personally, I think the show could do quite well dubbed into English, and the first two episodes were aired in English at the MCM Expo in London (which I’ve had the privilege to attend before). I’m contemplating looking into a fandub myself …

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Let Us Commence!

Well, I’ve never been too good at the blogging thing. I’ve had countless blogs before now that I posted to perhaps four times at most and then forgot about and closed. But who knows, this one could be the survivor.

So what will this blog focus on?

Mainly, themeing. I know it’s pretty much been done to death but I thought the ‘net could use a place where you can get a step by step tutorial on how to theme Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. Not only that, but I’m going to look into how to theme the upcoming 10.7 Lion as well! There’s plenty of nice GUI changes in Lion, but it would still be nice to be able to edit things like the menu bar too.

But, since it’s a blog, there will be a personal side to it as well where I might go into random every day things I think are worth a mention, then maybe software reviews, movie reviews, whatever takes my fancy, really.

So, as of the next post (so I can drag things out a bit) we will start at the most natural point in themeing and progress from there: the boot logo. From there we will go onto the login screen (for those of you who have it pop up on boot), to the desktop, and beyond.