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Themeing OS X: Changing the Login Screen Background (Part One)

Note: Unlike the previous themeing tip, this one only applies to 10.6 and previous. As of 10.7 Lion, the login screen is vastly different.

If you have Automatic Login disabled on OS X, every time you boot up you’re greeted with the nice Aurora background and a login window. You’ll see the same screen if you have multiple accounts on the computer too, whenever you switch between them. Sure, the aurora is nice enough looking in itself, but if you want to add that personal flair to your Mac, you can change it to anything you like.

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Themeing OS X: Customising the Boot Logo

So you’ve had your shiny Mac for some time now and it’s still sitting with a cluttered Dock and overwhelmed Menu Bar, just looking a bit busier than it did when you first got it. If you’re daring, you might have changed the background and screensaver. But now you want to give your Mac that personalised touch, something that says that it’s yours. They say first impressions last, so what’s better than making an impression with your custom boot logo?

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