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Retro Electro & Nintendo

Because of the prospect of moving to a new flat in a few weeks (and because I wanted to find ear plugs and an eye mask, like they give you on planes) I decided to go through one of my trunks and clear out a load of junk I’ve been hoarding for years. It had been ages since I last went into the trunk for something other than to just add something sundry to the massive collection that I’d forgotten what I had stashed away. Among the bits and pieces I found some old electronics that really got me feeling all nostalgic.

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Delving into Wakfu and the World of Twelve

This weekend I managed to get a hold of the entire first season of Wakfu, a French anime series created by Ankama Games, the mastermind company behind the MMORPG (and one of my favourite games) Dofus. I was a bit skeptical at first, thinking it might be geared a little too much towards kids instead of adults. I’ll admit, I was pleasantly surprised. While it is somewhat childish, it certainly has its appeals for a more mature audience, especially fans of Ankama’s series of games. Of course, there is no English version available, but there’s a decent subtitled selection out there. Personally, I think the show could do quite well dubbed into English, and the first two episodes were aired in English at the MCM Expo in London (which I’ve had the privilege to attend before). I’m contemplating looking into a fandub myself …

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