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Return …

So the usual thing has happened … I have been lazy and haven’t done an update since August … And again I’m going to say I’m going to change that but we shall see.


Nemi Feed Up!

So I’ve posted up a few Nemi comics, they now have a dedicated link on the menu bar above as well as a feed so you can get them delivered straight to your inbox or favourite RSS reader.

So I lied …

Not intentionally. I just forgot to post and finally forgot about the blog entirely. But I’m going to try (hah! How many times have I said that already?) to post more frequently now in an effort to write more often. One thing I’m hoping to add is a Nemi section! Yes, that’s right, a Nemi section! post Nemi comic strips on their website every day that they feature in their paper. These aren’t particularly high quality so I’m hoping to redo them and post them up here so there are higher quality comics as well as a place to RSS them. 🙂 Apart from all that, hopefully I will be able to carry on with the Mac App of the Week feature (well, start it, at least) and the Themeing feature. And any other random musings I may have.


So I lied again. Turns out vectorising Nemi is going to be too much work for me. Nevertheless I will still post the daily comics so that you can subscribe via RSS, a feature I think the Metro site should have anyway.

Retro Electro & Nintendo

Because of the prospect of moving to a new flat in a few weeks (and because I wanted to find ear plugs and an eye mask, like they give you on planes) I decided to go through one of my trunks and clear out a load of junk I’ve been hoarding for years. It had been ages since I last went into the trunk for something other than to just add something sundry to the massive collection that I’d forgotten what I had stashed away. Among the bits and pieces I found some old electronics that really got me feeling all nostalgic.

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Doctor Who-at Crap!

So after 4 years, I finally got around to watching the new series of Doctor Who. I was scared that, after watching Season 3 Episode 10 “Blink”, no other episodes would compare. I eventually plucked up the courage and a few weeks ago got the entire series up to the current episode. I wasn’t at all disappointed with what they provided. Until now … (Spoilers follow)

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Let Us Commence!

Well, I’ve never been too good at the blogging thing. I’ve had countless blogs before now that I posted to perhaps four times at most and then forgot about and closed. But who knows, this one could be the survivor.

So what will this blog focus on?

Mainly, themeing. I know it’s pretty much been done to death but I thought the ‘net could use a place where you can get a step by step tutorial on how to theme Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. Not only that, but I’m going to look into how to theme the upcoming 10.7 Lion as well! There’s plenty of nice GUI changes in Lion, but it would still be nice to be able to edit things like the menu bar too.

But, since it’s a blog, there will be a personal side to it as well where I might go into random every day things I think are worth a mention, then maybe software reviews, movie reviews, whatever takes my fancy, really.

So, as of the next post (so I can drag things out a bit) we will start at the most natural point in themeing and progress from there: the boot logo. From there we will go onto the login screen (for those of you who have it pop up on boot), to the desktop, and beyond.